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ePRO for kids

The application transforms the traditional ePRO system into a fun and rewarding process suitable for children. Even in cases where a parent and child work together using the ePRO, the user interface will make it a rewarding experience for both. Behind the simple interface there is a solid ePRO system that aggregates all information about subjects on a server, along with doctor and parent notes, and makes it available for research groups to digest the results and control trial processes.

#Application#Entertainment#For kids#Gamification#Healthcare#iOS#iPad


Our challenge was to make the boring process of taking medication, answering surveys or taking a temperature exciting for younger children.


We came up with the idea of an animated cartoon character that a child can interact with. After several sketches, we decided on a squirrel with a variety of different looks.


The app lets the child perform certain activities, get stars, go to a 'Store' to make purchases, share with friends, etc. All this in a bright and lovely iOS interface with a lot of animation.