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One app to control the entire home. Connect your smart devices and use your tablet, smart phone or even your wearable device to control devices from anywhere. See the latest stats, receive notifications when something goes wrong and use your resources efficiently.

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The task was to explore app solutions for smart home management. We wanted to create a single place where you can connect your smart devices and use your tablet, smartphone or even a wearable device to control them from anywhere. The devices people use may widely vary, and we kept this in mind while designing a solution.


The idea is simple: “One app to control the entire home”. Easy and effortless, no matter what device you use.


We did some research into the state of IoT, analyzed different app use cases and created interfaces that make life in a smart home easier. Besides the actual control of each device, we added some features that improve human-home interaction. On the dashboard the user can see their home’s current state at a glance as well as choose what they want to see with a customizable block structure. If there are any problems or possible improvements that can be made, the app detects them and alerts the user. One more useful tool is the ability to create scripts for the user to tailor their home to their own specifications.